I walked into my first day of class at San Diego City College unable to navigate around the Adobe Suite, let alone an iMac. Needless to say, I felt slightly lost, but with the support of my professors I was hopeful. With one foot in front of the other, I soaked in the information and kept designing. It is safe to say that the Graphic Design program at City College changed my life. The tools the professors provided throughout the program set the experience apart from any other school in San Diego County. I left with a set of personal and professional skills that helped prepare my future in creative design. The portfolio review gave me access to professionals in the field whom helped in gaining employment quickly after the event. I proudly recommend City College’s Graphic Design program to anyone interested.

Cori Retherford

Designer, Modern Times

The professors at SDDC have helped shape me into the designer I am today. The program gave me the freedom to explore my ideas, as well as challenge them. From the very beginning to the day of the portfolio review I felt supported and pushed. Not only did I learn and grow, I established bonds that helped me endure. The community that develops in the program is a valuable tool that made the journey enjoyable. I am convinced that the program is a profound and unique experience. My time with my professors continues to inform my work and I am forever grateful for that.

Jessa Quesada

Freelance Designer

Without City College and the inspiring, dedicated professors in the Graphic Design program I would never be where I am today.  With their support I was able to develop a unique portfolio and won 2nd Place overall at the American Institute of Graphic Arts review. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work at four of the best studios in San Diego and this Fall will continue my design studies at Art Center on  scholarship. City made all this possible and I’m so grateful to this diverse program for being the foundation and core of my career in design.

Lulubi Garcia

Freelance Designer

When I made the decision to switch careers to graphic design, I did my homework, and found that most professionals in San Diego recommend the portfolio program at City. Each class I took there contributed to my final goal – a graphic design portfolio that would land me a job. After only 3 weeks of finishing the portfolio program at City I was hired full time at a design agency in downtown. I never imagined that would happen so fast, and I’m so thankful to everyone at City for the opportunities afforded me during my time there. One thing I didn’t expect going into the program was how many new friendships would come out of the experience. Everyone helps to push and guide each other through the process. I would recommend City College to anyone interested in pursuing a career in graphic design!

Lindsay Jonkers

Designer, ACE

I will be forever grateful for the experience and education I received during my time at City College. Since starting a professional career as a designer In New York City, I refer back to what I’ve learned at City on a daily basis.  Not only did my SDCC portfolio help with job placement but it has also given me confidence to take on a wide range of professional projects shortly after graduating.  This wouldn’t be possible without the help from the amazing instructors and classmates at City College.

Sam Spratt

Freelance Designer, Wasserman Media Group