ARTG153 Interaction Design II
CRN 27593 // TTH 6:00PM – 9:10PM

This intermediate level course focuses on effective practices and strategies to deliver effective mobile experience design. Students will build visual and conceptual skills related to essential mobile web and application design. Adaptive and responsive design and user experience is emphasized through application design and mobile first strategies. Learn how to research an audience to gain insights that result in a successful mobile experience that will enhance a user’s brand experience and build brand loyalty.


This intermediate course explores the best practices and strategies of successful mobile experience design. Emphasis is placed on the basics of mobile web and application design, mobile first strategies, elements of mobile design, adaptive and responsive design and user experience. Each component and class assignment is intended to assist students in effectively communicating throughout the design process to visualize and execute a strong viewpoint, plan and voice.

Froilan Medina Surfline Mobile Website


Bradford Prairie
ARTG133 TTH 1:00–4:10pm
ARTG148B MW 9:35–12:50pm
ARTG148C MW 1:00–4:10pm
ARTG153 TTH 6:00–9:10pm