ARTG148C Portfolio Building
CRN 26423 // MW 1:00PM – 4:10PM

Intermediate students will focus on the conceptual development, research and ideation techniques to solve challenging design and production problems. A variety of techniques including digital and hand illustration will be applied to projects like book covers, packaging and custom typeface design for portfolio projects. Writing for portfolio and process pages will be covered.


This course is intended for advanced graphic design students to develop and build substantial portfolio projects. Emphasis is placed on assessment of current trends and the development of original packaging and typeface designs to reach target markets. This course requires students to spend considerable time outside of class to complete projects.

Donovan Salazar and Alicia Lopez Custom invitation for Shepard Fairey in form of a Fairey inspired matryoshka


Bradford Prairie
ARTG133 TTH 1:00–4:10pm
ARTG148B MW 9:35–12:50pm
ARTG148C MW 1:00–4:10pm
ARTG153 TTH 6:00–9:10pm