Connect with the core of design education in downtown San Diego and help us grow the future generations of City designers. We rely on partnerships and relationships with our community to run our program and are grateful for their assistance. All donations go to the San Diego City College Foundation Graphic Design fund, a 501(c)(3) account, and are tax deductible. City’s Graphic Design Program is built on passion and support from our community. Invest in City and make a difference that starts on campus and extends across the community.

Some of our partnership opportunities include:


We appreciate donations to our program. We are always in need of equipment and resources to keep SDCC Graphic Design going. These can often be difficult to obtain through our own budgets. Books, computer equipment and specialized services (such as carpentry or photography) are always needed. All monetary donations to our foundation account are tax deductible. If you are interested in making a donation please contact us.


Our students seek meaningful internships, transfer and scholarships to further their studies and to grow their understanding of design. It is important these partnerships are mutually beneficial and bring rich experiences to our students. We have been lucky to form strong bonds with other colleges and businesses to help our students gain these experiences. Our students leave the program ready to excel in real world working environments and with rigorous coursework. We need help to grow new relationships and opportunities for our students. If you are interested in a partnership please contact us.


We have strong relationships with the design community in San Diego and regularly bring dynamic programs to our campus. Events help promote our program and bring value to our community. In the past, we have curated Soviet Poster art, celebrated our colleges centennial and featured unique speakers. We often rely on the support of our community to make these events possible. If you are interested in supporting our events please contact us.


We often receive requests from outside companies and non-profits to do work with our students. We take on these requests when the project is mutually beneficial for our students and the college. SDCC Graphic Design has been instrumental in creating real world work. In the past we have built the Urban Art Trail in the East Village of San Diego, and worked to brand a medieval Italian hill town facing economic hardship. We have partnered with MTS, the Cohn Restaurant Group and others to produce award winning work. If you are interested in pursuing a design partnership please contact us.


Without City College, I could have never achieved what I have thus far, period. What I learned was the importance of concept, craft and empathy while being surrounded by an inspiring and diverse alumni. I will be forever grateful for Candice Lopez and City College for the foundation they provided me for my career as a creative.

Josh Higgins

Creative Director - Communication Design, Facebook

The graphic design program at City not only prepares students to become fluent and versatile visual designers, but has moreover created a vibrant family of artists and designers that enter the professional field full of confidence. Over the years we have been very fortunate to have numerous City graduates thrive at ArtCenter College of Design where they often set the benchmark in our graphic design program.

Nik Hafermaas

Chair Graphic Design , ArtCenter College of Design, ArtCenter