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At San Diego City College we want to grow your graphic design career with next level classes at the most affordable prices in San Diego. Our portfolios get results and we look forward to working with you next Spring. Learning more about our courses, instructors and projects you will be creating is just a click away.

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AIGA SDCC November Events

We are thrilled to our November events; Lettering workshop, Foil Stamping Workshop, speed critique and the studio tour! Join us our monthly meeting and fun events we plan out for YOU.

All events are FREE and open to SD Graphic Design students. Must RSVP to

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City Studio meets Qualcomm

Advanced Graphic Design Students from San Diego City College partnered with Qualcomm to create environmental graphic design for 6 floors of elevator bays.  Working in small teams they presented distinct proposals and the Amazing Inventors theme was selected. Students produced 3 dimensional artwork that was placed inside recessed area on each floor of the Research and Development Building on the Qualcomm campus. 

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Graphic Means: Before Design Went Digital

Film screening of Graphic Means
Tuesday, 10/24, 6:30 p.m., Thompson Building Materials San Diego Design showroom

Join us October 24th at 6:30 p.m., at the Thompson Building Materials Design Showroom (6618 Federal Blvd.) for an evening of cocktails and light bites followed by a screening of Graphic Means, which explores graphic design production of the 1950s through the 1990s!

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AIGA SDCC September Events

Are you curious what graphic design industry is all about? Would you like to get involved with the design community to start networking? Join us our monthly meeting and fun events we plan out for YOU!

All events are FREE and open to SD City Graphic Design students. Must RSVP to

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Missing Margo & Clive

The first week of Fall classes are behind us and here at San Diego City College Graphic Design we start again by celebrating two bright comets.

Grateful to designers Clive Piercy and Margo Chase who have left us too soon.Their gifts and style reached far beyond Los Angeles as the ripple of their lives and work continue to inspire new generations of designers.  Design legends who took their profession to heart and took time to come to San Diego to speak to students and teachers.

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Incredible Typographer Books

SDCC students explored various typographers influences, careers and work in this final assignment of Rosemary Rae’s Spring 2017 Typography 1 class. During the last three weeks of the semester, students researched an assigned typographer and developed an accordion book structure that complemented the research they compiled.

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San Diego City College Graphic Design Portfolio Class of 2017

The American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego Portfolio Review is an annual event where students showcase their work in front of a panel of professionals and leaders from the design community. This year, under the leadership of professors Sean Bacon and Bradford Prairie, the San Diego City College Graphic Design 2017 Portfolio Class brought home 12 of the 14 awards, including First Place, Second Place, and Third Place Overall.

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How to Draw Golden Rectangle //Fibonacci Sequence

Hat’s off to Alumni Chris Do of Blind and the futur for this video about a math ratio found in nature that can be used to create amazing compositions in design. It’s historical roots go way back discovered, then rediscovered in history-the Golden Ratio, Golden Mean, The Golden Section, or the Greek letter Phi. The Egyptians used it to design the Great Pyramids and the Greeks used it for the proportions of the Parthenon. In the 1500’s it was called the Divine Proportion and Renaissance artists used it to drive the balance and beauty of their paintings and sculptures. You can learn more about this in page layout and portfolio classes at San Diego City College with Professors Sean Bacon and Bradford Prairie.

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