The American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego Portfolio Review is an annual event where students showcase their work in front of a panel of professionals and leaders from the design community. This year, under the leadership of professors Sean Bacon and Bradford Prairie, the San Diego City College Graphic Design 2019 Portfolio Class swept all the awards, including First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Best Branding, Best Interactive, Best Environmental, Best Packaging, Best Typography, Best Design for Good, Best Cross Cultural, Best Illustration, Best Publication, Best Hand Crafted, Best Designer as Entrepreneur, and Best Advertising. Thank you to the many designers who came out in support of the next generation and to the generous sponsors who make this important event possible.

Please take a look at the incredible portfolios of our 2019 class. We look forward to connecting employers to our talented and passionate graduates—please get in touch via the Contact Page

Portfolios from previous San Diego City College Graphic Design years:  2018 Class  |  2017 Class  |  2016 Class


2019 San Diego City College Graphic Design Portfolio Class


Cynthia Abril

Best Advertising

Portfolio  |  Website

Cynthia Abril Portfolio



Chiara Barbagallo

Best Cross Cultural Design

Portfolio  |  Website

Chiara Barbagallo Portfolio



Michael Creighton


Michael Creighton Portfolio



Brenda Cruz

Portfolio  |  Website

Brenda Cruz Portfolio



Daniela Etienne


Daniela Etienne Portfolio



Emmy Forbes

Best Hand-Crafted


Emmy Forbes Portfolio



Ani González Gómez

Portfolio  |  Website

Ani González Gómez Portfolio



Nate Grant

Best Designer as Entrepreneur

Portfolio  |  Website

Nate Grant Portfolio



Emily Hall

Best Typography

Portfolio  |  Website

Emily Hall Portfolio



Matt Hawes

Second Place Overall

Portfolio  |  Website

Matt Hawes Portfolio



Ami Ipapo-Glass

Best Design for Good

Portfolio  |  Website

Ami Ipapo-Glass Portfolio



Roman Karaoglanov


Roman Karaoglanov Portfolio



Rebecca Lambertsen

Best Packaging

Portfolio  |  Website

Rebecca Lambertsen Portfolio



Olivia Larsen

First Place Overall & Best Branding

Portfolio  |  Website

Olivia Larsen Portfolio


Jamil Lat

Best Environmental

Portfolio  |  Website

Jamil Lat Portfolio



Betty Lau

Best Interactive


Betty Lau Portfolio



Dan Moss


Dan Moss Portfolio



Beatrice Nielsen

Third Place Overall

Portfolio  |  Website

Beatrice Nielsen Portfolio




Sammara Sly Perez

Portfolio  |  Website

Sammara Sly Perez Portfolio



Eve Rios

Best Packaging

Portfolio  |  Website

Eve Rios Portfolio



Vanessa Roldan

Portfolio  |  Website

Vanessa Roldan Portfolio



Cindy Santana


Cindy Santana Portfolio



Forrest Ta

Portfolio  |  Website

Forrest Ta Portfolio



Carol Taira


Carol Taira Portfolio



Monica Torres

Portfolio  |  Website

Monica Torres Portfolio



Kristina Tran

Best Illustration


Kristina Tran Portfolio



Larry Vida


Larry Vida Portfolio



Katie Zychowicz

Best Publication Design

Portfolio  |  Website

Katie Zychowicz Portfolio