We are very excited to offer a dynamic course this Spring. Professional Practices//01965 //Mondays and Wednesdays 6-9:10pm. Professor MaeLin Levine

“Professional Practices—this is such an important class, I’ve learned so much about the possibilities and opportunities in the field of design. We’ve toured six firms, two vendors and had several guest speakers, all professionals in the field. We are learning about how to be freelancers, as well as how to position ourselves to get a job in design”. -City Student 

There are just 5 seats left in a very special class that begins next week with Professor MaeLin Levine. Students will be interacting with professionals including designers, lawyers, accountants, clients, going on field trips, with focused time/energy to a singular project – BRAND YOU

Guest speakers
John Ball, MiresBall Design
Dave & Celia Conover, Conover Design
Max Escobedo, Salk Institute
Ron Miriello, Miriello Brand Expression
Don Hollis, Hollis Brand Culture
Copyright Attorney, Procopio
Tax Accountant & Bookkeeper
Shop visit to Direct Mail Printer, VPI

In addition to in person presenters in the “WHO’S OUT THERE” segment of the course, we will also include a number of online interviews/presentations from the likes of;
Sean Adams
Donald Young
Marian Banjes
Petrula Vrontikis
among others

Students will create a blog and will post project process/progress, they will reflect on speakers in addition to creating a unique sketchbook filed with lessons learned, inspiration and writings from their experiences.

There will be one big project that we will work on throughout the semester, BRAND YOU. Students will create a unique personal identity and then apply this identity system to all business tools including, stationary, website, promotional materials, resume, self-promotion, business forms both internal and forward facing. The focus being on setting themselves up as a small business, so when that first “freelance” job shows up, they are ready!