Susan Kare (by Meagan Floris)

SDCC students explored various typographers influences, careers and work in this final assignment of Rosemary Rae’s Spring 2017 Typography 1 class. During the last three weeks of the semester, students researched an assigned typographer and developed an accordion book structure that complemented the research they compiled. Using typefaces, bold color palettes and typographic skills they acquired throughout the semester, they created captivating compositions that honored the typographer’s era, work, and contributions to typography.

Carol Twombly (by Pamela Rodil)

William Caslon (by Patricia Sarmiento)

Morris Fuller Benton (by Lisset DeLaCruz)

Max Meidinger (by Ami Ipapo-Glass)

David Quay (by Chelsea Vandenberg)

Roger Excoffon (by Elizabeth Gonzalez)

Jan Tschichold (by Daisy Baran)

David Quay (by Chelsea Vandenberg)