Scary fun. Time to break out the candy and come up with a clever costume. Trick or treating traces back to the Middle Ages. All Soul’s Day in Britain marked the time that the poor would ask for soul cakes, sweet-bread and in return pray for dead relatives. The candy collection part started in the United States then moved to Australia, Canada and Western Europe. Mexico’s celebration of Day of the Dead is big on our campus. Don’t miss the Day of the Dead altars at San Diego City College this year!


400 costumes to die for self promotional piece from GS Design


Halloween Owl and Mummy Blues posters by Methane Studios Posters

"Chioptera, bats"

“Chioptera, bats”. Vintage art reproduction by Buyenlarge.

Halloween is the ideal time to build a bat house. After all, mosquitos like to bite so we should all love bats. Let’s start out and debunk an urban legend: Bats are not blind but see everything but color as they fly at night with seemingly x-ray vision that even allows them to see a strand of hair? Petroleum-based pesticides have caused bat populations to decline and these are harmful to humans and the environment. It seems that bats are trying to tell us something.


Let’s Re-make created bat houses in Urbana, Illinois