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Lulubi Garcia Font

What are the ideal circumstances needed to craft an exceptional portfolio? One that will get you a job, turn heads or help your transfer to continue your education at the school of your dreams?

How about two highly experienced portfolio instructors who have art directed award winning portfolios year after year. Imagine a small class size where you would work side by side other students who are serious about producing great work just like you. Consider creating three dynamic projects designed to make you produce your best work.

That class is called Portfolio Building and is team taught by Sean Bacon and Candice López. Both are absolutely determined to guide you to success this Fall. One of the projects we complete is the design of a custom type font which you will then apply to a project of your choice. We look at your overall portfolio and what is missing to help you create a vibrant, balanced presentation that will get you noticed. Sharing some past examples of fonts from our class and a wide variety of applications from Lulubi Garcia,Tila Williams, Juliana Tipton, Eric Bautista and Lindsay Jonkers. After portfolio these students went on to great things. For example: Lulubi Garcia is currently at Art Center College of Design on scholarship completing her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Tila is a successful freelance designer, Juliana is a designer at Bex Brands, Eric is an Associate Designer at Visual Telepathy and Lindsay works as a graphic designer at Mth Degree.

Portfolio Building this Fall meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-4:10 pm for 8 weeks then online. Let us help you build a powerful portfolio. 

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Lulubi Garcia Poster using original font

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Tila Williams Pentamorous Font

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Tila Williams Font application

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Juliana Tipton Font

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Juliana Tipton Digital/Interactive Font application

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Eric Bautista Font

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Eric Bautista Mezcal Fair Font application


Lindsay Jonkers font and Airline Branding application