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Font awareness and typography has become a big part of mainstream culture. How can typography communicate to others without them even noticing? Scientists have shown that good typography can even affect a person’s mood or performance when assigned a task. How do your grow your skills and confidence to make typography a key component in your designer’s toolkit.

Take Typography 2 this Spring with Amy Levine. Just this Fall Amy was given the Paula Sullivan Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the design profession. She is a past President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego chapter and for over a decade has run an award winning design firm Visual Asylum. Even better than all these things Amy knows and is passionate about type. This class is a SERIOUS portfolio builder where you can get lots of personalized attention to make your type abilities soar!

Sign up early for Typography 2.

Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20pm-5:30pm starting January 26.

89968 ARTG 206 TTh 2:20-5:30 pm Levine, A