How can YOU help a Veteran?

  1. START a Veteran specific campus website or newsletter.
  2. CONTRIBUTE to your campus Veterans Center.
  3. BUY school supplies and books for a Veteran.
  4. BECOME a study partner to a campus Veteran.
  5. INTRODUCE student Veterans to academic services.
  6. START and support a Veteran’s writing or art group.
  7. OFFER career advice to a Veteran.
  8. EDUCATE faculty and students about challenges faced by Veterans.
  9. ASSIST a student Veteran with registration challenges.
  10. SHOW a new campus Veteran around campus.
  11. HELP connect them with campus veterans groups.
  12. START a campus mentorship program or support group for Veterans.
  13. ESTABLISH college scholarships for Veterans.
  14. CREATE a culture of trust and connectedness across the campus community
  15. PROMOTE well-being and success for veterans.
  16. ENSURE all veterans receive academic, career, and financial advice
  17. COLLABORATE with local communities and organizations to support campus veterans.
  18. ATTEND a Veterans Day event.
  19. VISIT the VA Hospital.
  20. HELP a veteran with chores.
  21. ASK a Veteran about their time in the military, and really listen to the answer.
  22. VISIT a homebound Veteran in their home
  23. ANONYMOUSLY treat a Veteran to a meal or coffee
  24. TAKE flowers to a Veterans memorial.
  25. WRITE and send a letter to someone who’s currently serving in the military.
  26. SEND a thank you card to a Veteran.
  27. GIVE food certificates to homeless Veterans.
  28. THANK a Veteran student or co-worker for their service.
  29. LEARN about a current or past conflict to understand more.
  30. VOLUNTEER to help a Veterans Service Organization
  31. SIMPLY thank a Veteran of his/her service and shake their hand
  32. SEND an email with a Veteran’s story to people on your contact list.
  33. USE social media to tell stories of Veterans.
  34. TEACH others about Veterans.

VOICES: Honoring Veterans

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