Bekka Palmer-Photo by Julia Robbs

I moved from San Diego to Brooklyn, New York and started working for the blogger Swiss Miss at her brand new temporary tattoo shop, Tattly. I’ve been there for two years, growing with the company (which had three employees when I started and now has eight). I work as the Ambassador of Fun overseeing all our our events and sponsorships. I’ve also been putting my energy into creating photography.

My biggest takeaway from City College is that you have to be discriminating about your own work. If you want to be a designer, only show work that you are proud of, and if you want to be a photographer understand that probably 90 – 99% of your images will never been seen by the public. Taking the portfolio class at City College also taught me to tell a good story. People will react and remember you if you weave a narrative around your imagery. At the end of the day if you want to do what you love make sure that’s the kind of work you put out in the world.