Take a look at the amazing array of posters created by SDCC Graphic Design students and faculty at Vote Yes on 30. A big shout goes out to Ariel Freaner who built the site and City College design students who submitted their work from the classes of MaeLin Levine and Candice López.

The website voices support for Proposition 30 on the November ballot to fellow students, friends and the community. Our grassroots group believes that public schools and colleges give every Californian access to education and building a strong economy means keeping an eye on future generations. Support for Prop. 30 will stop another $6 billion in cuts to our schools this year and prevent steep tuition increases for college students and their families. By investing in California schools we invest in the future.

The goal of the website was to encourage classmates, faculty, staff and the community to take a stand and protect our public colleges and schools. We hope that others will share these posters on facebook and other social media sites. Working together we can be ambassadors of education and motivate our classmates and the community to get involved.