In an effort to help our students plan ahead for our Spring schedule of classes we are listing them here. Schedule is subject to slight change.

Graphic Design History 118 with Candice López
3 sections: 49949, 71260, 78607 for 8 weeks 1-23 to 3-17.
Digital Media 125 with Julie Warren
2 sections: 95046, 73440
Basic Graphic Design 100 with Andrea Singer
74541 on M/W 9:35-12:40pm in V403A
94411 on Tuesdays 12:45-3:50 in T310 and partially online

Typography 106 with Amy Becraft
71258 on T/Th from 1:00-4:05pm in T309
Illustration 120 with Blair Thornley
71318 on M/W 9:35-12:40pm in C213
Intermediate Graphic Design 1: Page Layout 124 with Amy Becraft
70583 on T/Th 9:35-12:40pm in T309
Digital Media 125 with Julie Willis
71246 on M/W 12:50-3:55pm in T309
Intermediate Graphic Design 2: Identity Systems 133 with MaeLin Levine
66162 on M/W 5:40-8:45pm in T310
Portfolio B: 148B with Sean Bacon and Candice López
74535 on M/W 9:35-12:40pm in T310
Studio Practices: Book Arts 149 with Andrea Singer
95487 on M/W 1:00-4:05pm in T310
Studio Practices: Portfolio Building 149 with Candice López
58022 on M/W 1:00-2:40 pm and partially online for 8 weeks from 1-23 to 3-17.
Advanced Typography 206 with Amy Levine
88001 on T/Th from 5:40-8:45pm in T310