Dear Students and Alumni,

I am writing to tell you that the Poet of Letterforms, our friend Doyald Young has passed away.

In the master’s hand a 2H pencil became a magic wand. He was remarkable, elegant and kind and was loved by so many here in San Diego and around the world. He leaves the great legacy of his teaching, forever changing students and teachers through his books, generosity and extraordinary work. Articulate beyond measure, his words and letters resonate. Inscribed in Young Baroque his name is written in the deepest spaces of our hearts.

“Decide who you are, decide what you want to do, and then do it, because it is surely possible.”-Doyald Young

There will be a very special event honoring Doyald Young in San Diego on Thursday night March 24th at 6:30 pm at the theatre at the University of San Diego Joan Croc Center for Peace and Justice. Join us to celebrate all things Doyald including a screening of the film about him. More information will be made available shortly so please plan to attend as we establish a scholarship to honor his legacy. We remember his countless visits to San Diego City College that inspired the work of many generations of SDCC students and teachers. His ideas about modification of type were a profound influence in the graphic design program. For decades he generously made his books available at half price to SDCC students because he was passionate about letterforms and wanted our students to grow into strong designers. He then took the time to personally dedicate each book in his own hand to the student who bought it. There are the stories of many City College students who got one on one help from this type legend with logos and typography when they were stuck. We would draw names out of the hat in portfolio class and the winner got a one on one crit of a logo with this master typographer.

This photo was taken in 2008 at the Saville Theatre when Doyald came to connect with us on one of his many visits to San Diego City College. Who can forget the packed October meeting in 2003 when students got a beautiful book produced by SMART papers at the AIGA membership meeting and Doyald staying late to sign each one? He was always there in the trenches helping students and teachers learn to draw and love letters as he did. Doyald Young received the 2009 Gold Medal from the American Institute of Graphic Arts for his dedication to teaching and remarkable work that continues to inspire new generations of designers.

In an interview in The Dotted Line Doyald was asked:
What do you hope to teach the next generation?

Awareness. Education aspires to enlighten.

Even though we draw letters in my classes, what I’m really doing is opening my students’ eyes to subtlety and nuance. Lettering is drawing, and drawing teaches you how to think. It infuses all aspects of design. It’s not some arcane, Zen exercise, but rather a vital ingredient for a complete design education.

Special Thanks to Maximo Escobedo, SDCC Professor for his art tribute.
Missing DY.

There is a special film about Doyald at and many articles to learn more about this extraordinary man. We honor this remarkable teacher and citizen designer for his kindness and contributions to our profession and the San Diego City College graphic design program.

Candice López

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